WPInnova Website

I was hired to create a Food Packaging area to this website. This client has over 130 products and was looking for a way to track and organize their products in an inventory system. At the same time, they were looking for a way to maintain an up-to-date catalogue of their food packaging products. Using Woocommerce, I created an inventory system for their products. This client was not looking to “Sell” online so I disabled all of the selling features.

In addition to the standard Woocommerce features, the client wanted many different fields in this website and they wanted this information to display in a certain way. I custom built all the fields the client wanted to enter for each product and I imported a spreadsheet for all of the products. Once that was completed, theses products needed to be generated in French as well using WPML. In addition to all of that, the client wanted a catalogue to be generated from these products. I achieved that using a plugin and by adding custom features to the plugin via PHP.






Original Concepts